Suderburg, the friendly village
in the Lueneburg Heath

The attractive village of Suderburg lies in the Lueneburg Heath
in "lower Saxony", northern Germany.
It is peacefully located between Hamburg, Hannover, Soltau and Dannenberg.

A walk through the streets of Suderburg will give you the opportunity to explore its past: beautiful old buildings still prove the special position this German village enjoyed hundreds of years ago.

The historical Castle Street

Many sights are worth seeing, especially the old Manor House.

Old postcards send greetings from Suderburg

Dairy, hotel, brickworks, railway station, tannraehm house

The pictures on the historical postcard
on the left show:the Pastor House, the church with church steeple and Manor House.

The mill in the background in the middle: the shool, and on the left: Mueller´s Pub

Mueller´s Pub

Dancehall, entrance and the academy

Everywhere birches line the
roads and paths

The church with church steeple
and the lime-tree of justice.

Greetings from Suderburg

The  church steeple with churchtannraehm house

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